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Jawa Motorcycles confirmed to make a comeback, engine specs revealed

Jawa Motorcycles confirmed to make a comeback, engine specs revealed

Mahindra has created a brand new company called Classic Legends and this will be the company which will relaunch Jawa in India.

Just a few months back, Anand Mahindra, chairman, Mahindra Group answered a query on Twitter. It was from a fan of Jawa Motorcycles. He asked Anand Mahindra how long he will have to wait before he could buy a Jawa Motorcycle here in India. To that Anand Mahindra said "soon." This little tweet instantly got the interweb rolling with speculation. Now though we are ready to give you some rather concrete news on Jawa's return.

Mahindra has created a brand new company called Classic Legends and this will be the company which will relaunch Jawa in India. Right now we have full details on the new engine which the new bike will come with and it looks very pleasing. When we speak of engines, we generally begin with technical specifications. But let me this time take the opportunity to describe the sheer beauty of this motor. The engine looks exactly like the one we have seen in the past. The single cylinder head has fins in spite of this motor being liquid cooled and the Jawa nametag is embossed too. The rest of the motor is clean and there is little clutter all around. The twin peashooter pipes also hark back to the past. Overall as far as looks are concerned, we give it a full ten on ten.

Next up are the specs. The new Jawa will come with a 293cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder, DOHC four-stroke engine. While this is the same motor which powers the Mahindra Mojo, engineers have given it a complete retune. The motor is tuned to produce 27bhp and 28Nm of torque. The company says that this motor offers a generous mid-range and a flat torque curve for an unwavering, consistently powered ride.

That sounds fancy and very inviting. The engine has been built on a BS6 ready platform and we are told that the fuel injection system has been perfectly tuned for enjoyable rides. But what is even better news is that the company says that it will sound much like the old Jawa. Now if you are a Jawa fan, you surely will be aware of the beautiful engine note which the 2-stroke motors offered. Given that replicating the tone of a classic 2-stroke on a modern day 4-stroke would be a big challenge. A maverick team of sound engineers in Italy worked extensively with us through countless cycles of harmonic pipe combinations and multiple other permutations to discover a sound that was worthy of the new Jawa.

Now we come to the most important question of all; the motorcycle! Well, we are told that the new Jawas will be thoroughly modern and will come with a retro design. It will sport all the bells and whistles found in modern bikes and at the same time offer a retro charm. We also believe that there will be more than one variant launched. So what the company will do is create a single platform and the design will differentiate the variants. What we are pretty sure off is the fact that one of these variants will remind you of the old Jawa D250. Needless to say, the new Jawa will take on another icon here in India, the Royal Enfield Classic. Looks like the days ahead are going to be exciting. Stay tuned!

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