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2021 Jawa Forty-Two Review

A twisty mountain road astride a modern classic motorcycle could be the near-perfect way to spend a few days, if you're not in too much of a hurry, or have any fixed plans of reaching or arriving anywhere. And the Jawa Forty-Two is almost the ideal companion for such a laid-back excursion. Smooth performance, great road manners, and period-correct looks with a design straight out of the '60s, there's not a lot to dislike about this Jawa. Scraping the right exhaust around a fast corner, I begin to think; it may have the styling of a classic, but it's willing to be hustled around corners.

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The Jawa Forty-Two 2.1 gets small, but significant updates

The updated Jawa 42 is my first outstation assignment in the post-COVID world. And then it hits me; in this era of social distancing, nothing possibly comes close to a motorcycle ride, to make the perfect getaway from civilisation. And the Jawa Forty-Two has got the qualities to make it quite a likeable companion, and not just to me. The Forty-Two is the most popular motorcycle in the Jawa Motorcycle range, and it's the most affordable Jawa as well. Last year, it got updated to the latest Bharat Stage VI, or BS6 emission regulations, and now, in 2021, it gets some more updates, with small changes, but significant in their own way. So, enter the Jawa Forty-Two 2.1!

Anonymous user
12 Feb 2021
Pretty classic
Anonymous user
13 Feb 2021
Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for sharing this information. I did bought my Bike from chennai sanatorium showroom during Nov 2019 itself. I did used very limited usage till March 2020, still I did all regular service at the same sanatorium service centre. My problem here is the service was not upto the mark and I have to go back with further complaints after every service. This really makes me feel bad about the purchase of my bike and thinking of going for some other better option. Here am looking forward suggestions on better service centre were I will get needed assistance and best service near me. If possible please provide me with tamil speaking representative to give better illustration of my compliant s over call. Thank you and looking forward to here from you soon.
Anonymous user
14 Feb 2021
Can the bar end mirrors replaced by ordinary mirrors?
Anonymous user
15 Feb 2021
Kick was available to start or not
Anonymous user
17 Feb 2021
Anonymous user
07 Mar 2021
Black is ugly
Anonymous user
10 Mar 2021
Dear Sir/Mam. I have already bought Jawa 42 Galatic green in September 2019 and within the 6 months the paint peel off problem started at Petrol tank. I have bring this thing in the notice of Jodhpur service centre and they assure me to improve till next service. Amazing factor is that paint peel off problem started at front shockers, front mud guard, at engine frame and even corrosion started at rear shockers. It means all these 3 colours in bike-Galatic green, black and nickel coating get paint peel off problem and corrosion. I have put up the complaint in September 2020 and parts availability assurance was given with in 10 days, but overall no parts availability, date on date was given by dealer, but assurance found faulty. So after mailing to the matter to national Head also, the result was zero. So on the above basis, filed a consumer case against the classic Legends Pvt limited on the product quality and the warranty against the Paint peel off (paint peel off given in warranty booklet). Even the dealer-jodhpur service centre denied to provide the 4th Free maintenance service and this matter against highlighted to the top level management and the toll free number and the Jawa Care. Complaint filed on 4th March 2021 and till 8th March 2021,no one bother to call back to the customer from the service end of the Classic Legends. This 4 days duration or 96 hours duration shows, the Turn around time period of classic Legends. Overall a legal notice is going to given to the Jodhpur service centre and it has been logged in the court on 9th March 2021. So My suggestion is that Better you should go to the Royal Enfield instead of the Jawa, Reason is that they are still far away to reach to the benchmark of the customer service.
Anonymous user
12 Mar 2021
Price kay hi iska
Anonymous user
15 Mar 2021
I like your review. I am planning to buy a bike and for that, I have been experimenting with 2 bikes for the last couple of days., (1) Jawa 42 2.1 and (2) Meteor 350 which are almost at the same price. My height is 5.4 feet and I am comfortable riding with these 2 bikes due to the low seat height. I really like the Jawa bike for its unique design and compactness but I'm still not 100% sure which one I want to purchase. The following points I can't ignore, but not sure about it: 1. Brand Value or Brand Image with this cost. 2. We never know the future of Jawa, we know about their history of discontinuation. 3. Very limited-service centers. 4. High price and almost the same price with RE Meteor 350 5. I don't know how long we will have to wait for accessories if there is any damage 6. Battery problem, I've noticed from some reviews. As this bike has no kick start option, we need to think about any battery issues. 7. I am not sure how long we can maintain this "matte color" in our weather conditions. All of these factors it's lead me to buy a renewable brand like the RE Meter 350, but I still really like Jawa 42 and my test ride was much more comfortable than Meteor. Jawa bike is almost 20kgs less weight and 6 inches less length than Meteor. I don't understand if it will be the right decision to buy a Jawa bike at such a high price where we are not sure about its brand value or resell value. I'm completely confused now, what should I buy? I will wait for further review before investing a good amount of money. But I must say, that the design Jawa has created, is awesome. Should I go with the design or performance or brand image? Please help.
Anonymous user
15 Mar 2021
bad bike
Anonymous user
10 Apr 2021
Anonymous user
29 May 2021
Hey Jawa engineer's, it would be better if you could high up the ground clearance of Jawa 42 2.1 , the clearance is very low, if a pillion seats with the rider together the bike gets down too much.. I like every element of that bike truly an masterpiece but, only thing which is affecting is it's ground clearance.
Anonymous user
03 Jun 2021
मुझे भी टेस्ट ड्राइव करना है रोहित चौधरी
Anonymous user
23 Jun 2021
Jawe jawe
Anonymous user
24 Jul 2021
New jawa 42 2.1 How is the performance on the bike I'm scaring lots of youtubers and social media telling quality issues and engine problem
Looks like you’d love to take it for a spin
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