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Jawa & Jawa 42: Image gallery of the just-launched retro motorcycles

Jawa & Jawa 42: Image gallery of the just-launched retro motorcycles

The Jawa dream has finally been realized as Classic Legends today has launched three Jawa motorcycles in a launch event.

The Jawa dream has finally been realized as Classic Legends today has launched three Jawa motorcycles in a launch event. The bikes launched are called Jawa, Jawa 42 and the Jawa Perak. The bikes have been priced starting at Rs. 1.55 Lakh for the Jawa 42 making it the most affordable one, Rs. 1.64 Lakh for the Jawa and Rs. 1.89 Lakh for the Jawa Perak, making it the most expensive among the trio.

Also, the Perak will not be made available immediately but some time later. Here is a detailed picture gallery of the Jawa duo available currently.

Starting with the most economical one, the Jawa 42 is a modern retake of the original Jawa, both in terms of design as well as features. Compared to the Jawa, it has a more contemporary approach towards design. However, the overall profile remains the same as it is built on the same platform.

The front features retro themed circular head lamp enclosure complete with a chrome ring. It has telescopic front forks and disc brakes up front. The 42 also comes with a single channel ABS, which is standard across the whole Jawa range.

The 42 carries less chrome and bling and has more blacked out part to give it a roadster look. Another cool touch are the handlebar end mounted rear view mirrors, something only seen in modified or high-end cruiser bikes. This along with other elements like spoked wheels and retro turn indicators lend it a distinct character.

The retro headlamp unit is topped by a very cool looking side mounted instrument pod. This gives it a typical modern appeal while maintaining the old world charm. The instrument pod gives all relevant information like speed, distance reading and fuel reserve.

The side profile is reminiscent of the Jawas of old. The cigar shaped twin silencers, retro-esque rear fenders, teardrop shaped tank and that cool rear tail light, all come together to create quite a stellar visual package.

The shiny engine is a short stroke, 293 cc four stroke unit producing a peak power of 27 Bhp and a peak torque of 28 Nm. The engine is liquid cooled and Bharat Stage 6 emission norms ready. Fuel injection is standard, along with a four valve head that runs a double overhead camshaft set-up. The engine has been designed to put out a very distinct exhaust note, similar to the original two stroke exhaust note that Jawas and Yezdis were known for.

Style and substance are something that come natural to the 42. It has been designed to have timeless appeal and a unique personality, enough to match the modern day vagabonds.

The Jawa sans 42 in its name is a pure classic that has been made to resemble the original Jawa 250. It has mostly the same profile except that it has been made according to modern standards. The headlamp cluster is a chrome ringed unit with the same beak at the back as the original Jawa.

The front facade of the motorcycle looks distinctive and can't be mistaken for anything but a Jawa.

All shiny and blingy, that is the new Jawa for you. It even mimics the much loved maroon-chrome paint shade as on the original Jawa. Hit with nostalgia, anyone.

The side profile of the bike reveals the classic Jawa stance in its true glory. You get vintage themed front and rear fenders, a single piece saddle and cigar shaped exhaust pipes. not to forget is that shiny chrome sided fuel tank, take takes the pie and is a really attractive element of this bike.

The engine has been designed in a way so as to recreate the old Jawa charm not only internally, but externally too. The engine design has been kept similar to the silhouette of the original Jawa and so are the signature twin pipes. The engine will give out a similar exhaust note as of the original bike along with the same feel while twisting the throttle.

Beauty at its best. The modern iteration of Jawa is very much a looker too, as seen in the picture above. The retro handle bar, those old school chrome rear view mirrors, the classic instrument pod flush with the headlamp cluster, all is very much the way this bike was meant to be.

Modern matches vintage. The classic, timeless body design now equipped with liquid cooling, ABS, DOHC and a modern engine architecture. A perfect blend of retro-modern.

With its attractive design, the Jawa won't just turn heads but rather would make people come to you and talk about the motorcycle, their memories with the old Jawas and personal experience. A perfect conversation starter in a bar or club, the Jawa has the history repeated.

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