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Jawa & BSA motorcycles from Mahindra coming soon: 5 renders of the Royal Enfield rivals

Jawa & BSA motorcycles from Mahindra coming soon: 5 renders of the Royal Enfield rivals

Mahindra is planning to introduce two motorcycle brands in India- ‘Jawa’ and ‘BSA’.

Mahindra is planning to introduce two motorcycle brands in India- ‘Jawa’ and ‘BSA’. Both have a history of brand presence in the Indian market. This time around, both the brands will offer retro-modern models, built to compete with Royal Enfield motorcycles. Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra has confirmed that the Jawa range of motorcycles will soon be introduced in India. Here are a bunch of renders that indicate what these motorcycles will look like.

Jawa is a global brand with multiple models on sale in different countries, whereas BSA will be re-established first in India, before being taken to other markets around the world. So, with global level presence, it will be easier for Mahindra to establish the Jawa brand in India.

Mahindra has not revealed any details about which model will be launched first. Even during the Auto Expo no such announcements were made by Mahindra regarding the Jawa or BSA brand.

Jawa’s global model line-up is pretty outdated, lacks modern features and are less likely to be launched in India. Mahindra will skip designing an all-new platform, and use the Mahindra Mojo platform for development of the new bikes. The Mojo platform is tested in Indian conditions, which will make production of new bikes easier. Mahindra will use the Mojo platform because development of an all-new platform includes years of research and testing with huge investment involved.

Mahindra will only build the retro-styled body parts to fit on the Mojo platform. Suitable changes will be made to the suspension and other crucial components of Mojo to fit with the retro-styled body.

Using the Mahindra Mojo platform for the new retro-styled bikes will decrease the overall cost of the production model. Prices of the Jawa bikes will be kept under the Rs. 2.5 lakhs mark. This will allow the Jawa range to be competitively priced against Royal Enfields. Currently, Royal Enfield is the king of the premium bike (200 cc-500 cc) segment in India. Mahindra has not confirmed anything about the BSA brand, and it is still under wraps.

Anonymous user
08 Jan 2021
युवा वर्ग की डिमांड है शानदार लुक में दिखने वाले बाईक।तेंढा तिरछा बनावट से बेहतर है सीधा और सामान्य लुक बुलेट जैसी। बाजार में टिकने के लिए लुक,रेट और माइलेज सबसे अहम है।बाद बाकी आप खुद जानकार हो।
Anonymous user
11 Jul 2021
Jawa Motorcycle render is avialable
Anonymous user
04 Dec 2021
Pl make sure that Jawa, BSA, Yezdi to have some advantage over other Vehicles. Like, Flex Fuel Compatible, Underbelly Exhaust, Hybrid Electric Engine [like TVS Zepplin], Full Tuch Dashboard, Electric Reverse Assist. Mild Self Balance AI. Dont fight against Competitors, Just Show the strength of your innovation. People always wants to be special. Also release bikes in 3 ranges [350cc @2Lac, 500cc @3Lac, 650cc @4Lac range] Pricing should be affordable still be premium.
Anonymous user
28 Jun 2022
Jawa and Yezdi should launch an electric cruiser, scrambler, adv equivalent to 500cc bikes with min 500km range and optional swappable battery pack as range extender Acceleration madness is not required for this type of bike. better to have "best in class" torque, pulling capacity and a gradual pickup with top speed of 120kmph is more than enough My Gang of 14+ RE Himalayan riders have locked on to the upcoming BSA Electric Cruiser as our next "Partner on Road" Few of my folk are inclined to Scrambler and ADVs Hopefully Mahindra/Yezdi/Jawa fulfills our desire The possibility of range extender batteries being shared with other bikes which can be password protected/registered to the bike's unique id will avoid theft of swappable batteries would be very very helpful
Anonymous user
10 Mar 2023
How many days to wait
Looks like you’d love to take it for a spin
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