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Jawa and Jawa Forty Two: Full Comparison Review by Kranti Sambhav

Jawa, the legendary marque, is back in India and we have Classic Legends, a venture pioneered by Mahindra’s Anand Mahindra along with Boman Irani, and Anupam Thareja, to thank for it. The new Jawa motorcycles, developed with inputs from Classic Legend’s own team in India along with several international teams, will be manufactured in Mahindra’s Pithampur facility. And the first two bikes introduced by the company, namely Jawa and Jawa Forty Two, have already been making waves across the country. So, here’s a handy Jawa and Jawa Forty-Two comparison review to help you make an informed choice between the two.

The classic Jawa is back with a bold and beautiful design and all-new four-stroke engine to boot. The new Jawa bike’s eye-catching design, a homage to its predecessors, comprises a fit-finish chrome-plated fuel tank with golden-coloured lines. To put it in a few words, this classic Jawa is nothing short of impressive.

Talking about the features, the bike gets an inverse speedometer with a big dial and silver coated edges, which is actually quite common for classic motorcycles. Besides that, it also gets an engine mapping option, 18-inch wire spoke wheels with a 280mm front disc brake, floating calliper, and ABS. All of them together help make sure a very enjoyable experience cruising across the city.

The classic Jawa’s four-stroke twin-exhaust engine with liquid cooling is mated to a six-speed manual transmission that works quite smoothly. The riding and handling to are very impressive, more so on uneven and rather rough terrains. However, the power delivery isn’t as smooth when you execute high-speed turns. Oh, and the speedometer doesn’t go over 120 km/h.

So far, Jawa has received a largely positive response from youngsters across the country, which is great news for the company. It may also be interesting to note that the classic Jawa is a tad more expensive than the Jawa Forty Two.

Classic Jawa: Overall Impression

Simply put, the Jawa does have to offer some scope for the improvement of its handling. Nonetheless, the classic Jawa is definitely a commendable effort. However, the company still needs to put in more work in reference to engine refinement and after-sales services. Another factor requisite for ensuring success in the country would be a robust dealership network. But I suppose we’ll find out how well the company delivers in those aspects soon enough.

So, if you are wondering if you should buy the classic Jawa, my verdict is that it is a pretty decent option for city cruising within the city.

Jawa Forty Two Review

Now, on to the Jawa Forty Two; it comes sporting a scrambler-like design. And the colour options available on the Forty Two add a contemporary touch to the bike’s overall stance. Though it is quite similar to the classic Jawa, the two differ when it comes to their geometry and prices.

Speaking of its design, it flaunts a headlamp with chrome bezel and an inverted speedometer that fits in very well in the instrument panel. One more noticeable change between the Jawa Forty-Two and the classic Jawa is the handlebar the former sports. It’s different from the classic and makes the riding position slightly bent forward. And generally speaking, the Jawa Forty Two’s looks and design evoke memories of the classic Jawa.

Jawa Forty Two: Overall Impression

The handling, as well as performance too, is quite similar to that of the classic Jawa, thanks to the fact that both the Jawa bikes get the same engine. Which also means that the Forty Two also suffers from uneven power delivery at turns.

As mentioned earlier, the Forty Two costs a bit less than the classic Jawa. Combine that with the striking colour options on offer and you have yet another option for a city cruiser.

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