Conquer The Roads: Why The Jawa 42 Shines As A Remarkable Touring Motorcycle?

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Much has been said about the old-school charm in the design of the Jawa 42. However, one more trait that the 42 aces effortlessly is long-distance touring. Nothing is there to be deceived by the taut and lean stance of the Jawa 42, as this neo-retro roadster can be a great companion if you wish to conquer long road trips on it. For a long-distance touring motorcycle, certain aspects determine its ruggedness and comfortability. Following are some of those qualities which make the Jawa 42 a popular option for those who love touring and making memories on a motorcycle: 

Right Power for the Long Ride

A touring motorcycle should have the power and torque to feel unstressed when pushed to its limit for long hours and distances. The Jawa 42 fulfils the requirement with its single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 294.72cc engine, one of the most refined and powerful sub-400cc motorcycle engines.
With a peak torque output of 26.84 Nm, the JAWA 42 offers a strong mid-range, leaving no room for lack of power at any given time. The slick-to-use 6-speed gearbox has well-spaced ratios to ensure that all the power is utilized optimally as and when needed. 

Calm Even at Higher RPMs

The Jawa 42 is the only motorcycle in the category of sub-400cc neo-retro roadsters to feature liquid cooling for its engine. With this feature, the engine's internal components remain cool even when ridden for long hours while touring. The presence of liquid cooling is a boon for those motorcycle riders who are into extensive long-distance riding.
Motorcycle engines tend to heat up when spun for a long due to continuous riding. It has been an even bigger problem in a tropical country like India, where temperatures can go up alarmingly. With liquid cooling, motorcycle engines like that of Jawa 42 tend to remain cool even during extensive riding without the fear of wearing out and giving up. 

Top-Level Design and Premium Strength

Another factor that justifies the premium positioning of the Jawa 42 as a touring motorcycle is its commendable build quality. For a 300-400cc motorcycle, build quality has to be of a higher order. The Jawa 42 is one well-engineered motorcycle with a tight fit and finish levels, leaving negligible room for panel gaps.
With high-quality components used all over, the Jawa 42 ensures that it will not break down amid your long-distance journey due to a quality-related issue. There’s nothing on the motorcycle that might feel like falling off when it is pushed hard or ridden for long. It is this top-class engineering prowess which instils a sense of confidence in a rider to take the Jawa 42 on unexplored roads. 

Good Fuel Economy for Minimal Fuel Stops

Expecting astonishing fuel economy figures of a 100-110cc motorcycle from a performance-oriented motorcycle like the Jawa 42 is not a great idea. However, that being said, it doesn’t mean the Jawa 42 is a gas guzzler. 
All the power offered by Jawa 42 also doesn’t come at the cost of economy. For a 294.72cc liquid-cooled engine which focuses more on performance, the Jawa 42 is economical enough to make your long-distance touring stress-free with fewer stops for refuelling. 

Seamless and Stress-Free Riding Experience

After a suitable amount of power, the other quality sought by motorcycle touring enthusiasts is a comfortable ride quality. The Jawa 42 achieves this with its supple ride quality ensured by its well-sorted suspension setup. 
The 35mm telescopic forks at the front and gas-charged coil springs with adjustable preload of the Jawa 42 are tuned on a softer side. This setup ensures that the Jawa 42 riders will not feel tired or with a broken back even while riding long distances or over broken patches of roads. The long and wide seat of the Jawa 42 is a catalyst in this experience, as it is wide and big enough to move around while riding for a long distance. 

Well-Suited Mechanical Hardware

In addition to having a well-balanced suspension setup, the Jawa 42 also has wide tubeless tyres – 18-inch front and 17-inch rear. The wide tyres offer an immense amount of grip, which helps the 42 to remain planted on flat stretches while offering impressive grip levels while cornering. Since tubeless tyres are easier to repair and provide more comfort in long-distance riding, the Jawa 42 is a hassle-free choice for touring. 
A motorcycle is good if it has the correct set of brakes to bring all of its power to a halt effectively. With a 280mm front disc and a 240mm rear disc, the Jawa 42 falls under such good motorcycles. The presence of the dual-channel ABS is just the icing on the cake. 

Takeaway - Is The Jawa 42 Good For Touring? 

To sum it up, there is no room for faults in the Jawa 42 as a preferred choice for touring. While the motorcycle is a comfortable commuter with much-controlled power and refinement, it can be a trustable companion for long-distance riding. The ample amount of performance available, the comfort-oriented suspension setup, agile handling and a decent full-tank range team up for a comfortable touring experience on the Jawa 42. 


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Looks like you’d love to take it for a spin
Looks like you’d love to take it for a spin
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