JAWA Motorcycles

From the start, the Jawa story has been one of innovation, written by die-hard motorcycle lovers who dreamed of what motorcycles could be and what they could mean to people. And the last page of the Jawa story hasn’t been written yet. Because we’re still hungry. We’re still dreaming. We’re still asking the question “What could a motorcycle be?”
42 42

The answer to the ultimate question evolved over time, into a machine that strides right to the edge of notoriety.

In a new world in search of emotive engineering, we bring forth a fiercer avatar crafted with love from the learnings of yesterday, vibrant in its hues and sure footed in its space. Meet the 42

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42 Bobber 42-bobber

It's a 42. It's a bobber.

Presenting the Jawa 42 Bobber. The wheels for your whims. Light. Light-hearted. And it's here, for you to meander.

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Perak perak

Originated in war-torn Europe. A motorcycle developed in secret and surreptitiously tested under disguise. When the war was over & the smoke finally cleared, The Perak was standing ready. Inspired from the legacy of stealth, meet the all new Perak. It's a call from the darkness, alluring you from the other side. Simply put, it's 2 wheels & the dark.

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Jawa jawa

Would you call it retro if it never feels out of place? Would you call it a classic if it always fits right in? Presenting the Jawa. Crafted with nostalgia. Built with tech. Loaded with class. The Jawa you’ve heard about, is now the Jawa you’ll love to talk about.

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Forty Two forty-two

It’s the Jawa alright. But there’s something different about it. Edgier? Pusher of that notorious envelope? Escapee of that proverbial box? It is all of those things. And something more. Something we haven’t quite been able to put into mere words. Which is why forty two. But is it the answer? There’s only one way to find out.

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Jawa The Brave & The Bold jawa-the-brave-the-bold

There has always been a special place in our hearts for the unsung men and women, the Forever Heroes who protect our nation. This special edition motorcycle is our humble homage to the brave and the bold, in commemoration of 50 years of the 1971 War Victory.

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