October 11, 2018

Look who’s back!

There comes a time when the best stories shapeshift into legend and the biggest legends fade into myth. But this is the Jawa we’re talking about. And for the Jawa, the time has come, to return.


With a 293 cc liquid cooled, single cylinder DOHC engine, lovingly built from the ground up in collaboration with the best of Italian engineering, it isn’t quite the Jawa of old. It packs 27 bhp and 28 Nm of torque with a generous mid-range and a flat torque curve for an unwavering, consistently powered ride.

But at the core of its heart and along the length of its classic lines and with every beat of its signature twin exhaust, it is unmistakably the Jawa you will love. A love you’ll hold in common with generations before your time.

Because you see, the Jawa never really left. It was just out taking a bit of a ride!

Now, what’s next? The motorcycles will be unveiled on 15th November, 2018.