The Story of the old Yezdi Roadking

2:38 pm

This Story was written by Majaz Khan. This is a story of a Yezdi Roadking and is also narrated by the old motorcycle.

My story :

I find myself fortunate to come from the last batch of the production before the factory shut doors. Have seen many of my siblings being ignored and many were put die a premature death.

I have survived the race competing with many big names but was overshadowed by sheer luxury they carried with them.

Yes, I stood at a corner for 6 years and was forced to rust. My heart stopped breathing, the veins were dry and yet I didn't complain. I withstand the cold, rain showers, the brutal sun and was shattered when I heard my Master whispering a friend that he would sell me to make some bucks out of me. I was a piece of garbage for him.

I was helpless when the onlookers made comments about how I look, my appearance and all decided that I should get ready to be scrapped.

Only when this amatuer guy came from no where and instantly bought me, took me to the hospital and got me back to life. He spent his time taking care of me. Yes, I do not have the same charm, I look worn out and have marks on my body. I am not what what people would love to hang out with but my new Master loves me the most and I promise to never let his faith in me go down.

I stand now to tell you all know that as we go out, we are capable of overtaking any new plastic machine, the refurbished candies with new cosmetics and my roar will just make them take a side turn.

Yes I am the same old Yezdi Roadking and I am back for the kill.

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