The feeling of restoring a Jawa or Yezdi Motorcycle

8:59 pm

This is a snippet from Feb Fab Bikers. A Tribute to Jawa and Yezdi Motorcycles By Ankit Kadle. 

Restoring a bike makes you feel a part of the motorcycle itself. We feel every part of the bike, we understand every inch of the bike, there is a sense of satisfaction when one takes part in mending their bike.

This is so very similar to when a person is hospitalised but you have to keep meeting him during the illness so that he recovers faster.

And the above mention is true. Try it yourself. 

1: Leave your bike at the mechie and go and collect it only when it's all ready.

2: Leave your bike at the mechie, spend about an hour discussing the mods, repairs, expenses, etc. Visit the mechie regularly. See and feel what's been going on with you bike.

I'm 100% sure you will feel your soul attached to your motorcycle and that baby is gonna hit the road sooner than you expect.

Please leave a comment if you also feel so.

Hope these bike restoring stories and experiences I had will be liked by you all. - Ankit Kadle. 

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