Ride to Kanyakumari on a 1974 Jawa 250cc Motorcycle

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Meet Kaustubh aka KT who recently rode all the way from #Pune to #Kanyakumari covering close to 4000 kms. So what’s new in this, when there are so many riders who crisscross the country on their long trips? Well, how about doing it #Solo on a 42 year old #2stroke, a 1974 Limited Edition #250cc #Jawa, that looks as pristine as it must have left the Mysore factory originally.

I have been riding since the year 2000 and was always inclined towards 2 strokes. Those days riding was limited to in and around Mumbai, never thought about riding far, for practical reasons!! Over the years had an itch to do a long solo ride somewhere in our country, kept setting dates which were never followed for some or other reasons. The itch kept growing day by day till a time came when i just decided to go. I chose south because the roads are good, doesn't required intense planning, has good landscapes. The love for the South Indian cuisine made it even more easy to choose the destination. So #PuneKanyakumariPune it was going to be. Also thought it would be a good idea to meet other like minded crazy riders. Instead of choosing a straight route I chose a route where i could meet as many fellow riders as possible. With the social media so active these days it was easy to catch some riders from different places. 

Packed off my bags, loaded them on my #Jawa and i was off to #Hyderabad. Thanks to the riders from Hyderabad could see some nice heritage places and also could hog on the tasty #Hyderabadi #biryani. From Hyderabad I rode to Bangalore - Salem - Munnar - Trivandrum all the way to the farthest tip of India - #Kanyakumari. Had countless no. of #Idlis and #Dosa's on the way. It was just beautiful and sentimental moment for me when i reached #Kanyakumari.

By now I had met lot of people and made new friends. At every place, i stayed with unknown people, heard different stories. You tell your stories and you also hear theirs. Somehow these stories get connected eventually resulting into beautiful memories. I guess this is the best part about motorcycle rides. When you are on the road for long time you do miss your home and family. But these unknown friends made sure that my stay was comfortable. 

From #Kanyakumari, i took the west coast riding along the beautiful Arabian sea all the way up till Goa and back home to #Pune. After two weeks of riding I was feeling happier than ever.  This has been by far the best experience of my life.

In the time of Jap, Brit, Italian, American & Indian bikes, this Czech motorcycle brand #Jawa still manages to survive in spite of the company closing down many years back. Parts are hard to come by and if found luckily are at sky rocket prices. I met many #Jawa riders on the way and the passion seen is unbelievable. Ride this #takeanywhere #motorcycle once to believe it.

My next plan is to ride through different parts of India and of course the dream to ride through the world will continue.

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We wish him luck for his future rides and will be publishing his ride plans and experience.

Thank you 
KT for sharing your story with us. Happy Riding! 

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