29 Days, 29 Photos and 29 Jawa Yezdi Stories - Feb Fab Bikers

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Ankit Kadle, The man behind the idea of Feb Fab Bikers. A Tribute to Jawa and Yezdi Motorcycles. He started this project on his instagram where he posted a photo with a story everyday throughout February 2016.  He shared 29 stories along with 29 beautiful photos.

Feel the Jawa and Yezdi Enthusiasm with these mesmerizing photos! 

Day 1


An amazing artist, an amazing biker, an amazing person and a fun filled personality... There isn't anything that will not amaze you with what he does...

Follow him to know more @sawantsanskar

Day 2

You are only one bike ride away for a good mood...

Day 3

Friends asked me my plans for the weekend and I responded that it's just a long walk planned with my loved one.... Holding hands, exploring the road etc...

Excited about it, my friends asked me to send a picture of me doing that and I sent them this!

Day 4

Bikers have three things that never turn their backs on them...

1: Their Motorcycle
2: "The Joint Family"
3: Respect

Day 5

You need not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, Any kind of Motorcycle.

Day 6

"Raheesh Khatri"

At the age of 6 he started riding a motorcycle... When most children are learning how to ride a cycle. Thats one achievement. But, it doesn't end here. He is the youngest Indian to have participated in motocross events. 

Raheesh idolises his favorite MotoGP riders – Valentino Rossi and Marcques and is strongly determined to represent India in this form of sport

Day 7

If you can still hear your fears. Shift a gear!

Day 8

@the_garageguy on Yezdi

"They've got a soul. A soul that understands you, your fear, your happiness, your life. That makes them sooo friggin amazing"

The Yezdi Joint Family on the day when these 2 stroke vintage beasts stepped in a dirt track race. These bikes are not really meant for such race conditions but they did. Their souls were attached to their riders and their bikes really felt that this is something which I can achieve for my owners. And they did.

Even though there was one winner but the entire group was celebrating that moment.

Day 9

Lads getting ready to hit the track. Eyes closed, wondering if the bikes will take the pressure. The moment was amazing since the bikes and their owners had never raced on a dirt track. Riders with mixed feelings about the race but still confident that their bikes can handle it nicely...

Day 10

At the starting grid. What comes in a racers mind only they can tell. It can be anything. God, loved one, how to handle the turns, at what speed should I jump and so on.

By the way @sawantsanskar what were you thinking?

@theyezdiguy why were you covering your face?

@ronakbaraiya who were you looking for?

Day 11

Racing because football, tennis, rugby, golf and basketball require only one ball…

Day 12

The fastest, quickest bike during the race. It almost popped a wheelie when the race started. This guy is amazing on two wheels. @kashifchilmai I wanna see you ride more my bro. See you soon at another ride... Can't wait more!

Day 13

That moment when everybody won. The celebration was such that each biker felt they won the race. It was never about racing in the first place. It was the experience that was so overwhelming they never felt who came first and who didn't. 

During the laps, I observed the sheer brotherhood of these bikers which I couldn't see in other segment of bikes that roared on the track.

One of the biker tripped at a turn. The one who was winning slowed down, looked back to see if he is hurt. The one behind the biker who tripped literally stopped and waited. Bikers who were behind gave a way so that he can get up and move ahead on the track.

Similar situation, if they were actually racing. Other bikers would have taken an advantage and would have over taken to get the second position. This moment was not clicked but just experienced it. It's like some moments are worth to just experience rather than recording it. 

Three cheers to these riders!

Day 14

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere...

Sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself..."

There is a very different way bikers express their love. Many bikers consider their motorcycles as their valentine.

To all the bikers in the world who are celebrating Valentine's Day with their motorcycles today. Cheers Brothers!

Your valentine need not be your girlfriend all the time. For @theyezdiguy 
is one all time favorite...

Though I'm sure he would be with his loved one for the evening. But I'm also sure daaku is going to accompany them wherever they are going. 

Day 15

You only live once. Don't leave it covered in the garage.

Like I always say "Motorcycles are for riding. Hotwheels are for collection"

Dedicated to those who have done justice to their vitage motorcycles.

Day 16

For a motorcyclist when the wind passes through their hair is similar to his girlfriend caressing his hair when resting on her lap. 

Day 17

We are simply a shadow of the soul our bikes possess... We don't take our bikes to places... They don't take us to places as well... Infact, they make us experience which is never to be forgotten...

Day 18

The wind is silent now. But when my bike starts roaring. The winds whistle looking at us.

Day 19

Restoring a bike has a different excitement altogether. Stay tuned for more images from now on about bike restoration and stories behind it.

Day 20

Restoring a bike makes you feel a part of the motorcycle itself. We feel every part of the bike, we understand every inch of the bike, there is a sense of satisfaction when one takes part in mending their bike.

This is so very similar to when a person is hospitalised but you have to keep meeting him during the illness so that he recovers faster.

And the above mention is true. Try it yourself. 

1: Leave your bike at the mechie and go and collect it only when it's all ready.

2: Leave your bike at the mechie, spend about an hour discussing the mods, repairs, expenses, etc. Visit the mechie regularly. See and feel what's been going on with you bike.

I'm 100% sure you will feel your soul attached to your motorcycle and that baby is gonna hit the road sooner than you expect.

Please leave a comment if you also feel so.

Hope these bike restoring stories and experiences I had will be liked by you all.

Day 21

"Sometimes you find the most valuable things at places which is all messy."

Bikers love being at such places with a small cup of tea or a coffee {if it's me ;)} and a couple of smokes.

A biker and a mechie have a relationship like Alladin and Ginie respectively.

The mechie does his magic and us Alladins are lucky to get our mods and restoration wishes come true. Difference is we gotta pay our Ginies.

How important our mechies are? Well, we sometimes spend more time with them than with our wives or girlfriends. LOL!

Day 22

Ride behind a 2 stroke and you will feel like riding through a fog...

Day 23

What goes inside an engine that makes it running since 1980s?

Answer: Spirit. It's the spirit of motorcyclists and the zeal to make sure these 30 year old bikes run better than the new ones. It's the determination of motorcyclists that makes them do the impossible in order to achieve what they love the most.

Similar such story is going to be shared with you very soon. A story of a bike which was drowned, submerged in ground partially, some parts just did not make it and some parts still good to go.

Stay tuned for this story which will be shared soon enough but will be in parts just like how that bike is now ;)

Day 24

"Our motorcycles don't leak oil. They mark the territory"

Day 25

Paint jobs on motorcycle is the trickiest. I hang out with motorcyclists who name their bikes too. Few people find it funny. I find love for their bikes and hence they treat them more than just a machine.

Coming back to selecting a color for your bike. Why did I say it's tricky? Try to imagine a sports bike all crome. It does look good for the show but is it practical? 

Secondly making your bike all crome is a big challenge for those who stay near coasts. Crome tends to rust and corrode and not a good idea for those living at coasts.

Bikers prefer their favorite color most of the times. But again, will that suit the personality your bike carries?

I remember a Honda Unicorn with a shitty orange colour. It looked like its covered with tonnes of gelucil antacid on it.

So, my point is. Think twice before choosing the color combination for you motorcycle. 

You don't wanna end up your motorcycle being called funny names by others. Right?

Day 26

Starting from the scratch is something where you learn each and every bit of the problem you are going to face in the future.

There are no shotcuts to success. There never will be.

I wish you all the best @amre5h for the build off...

It will take time boys to see this beauty up and running. There are a few more too in the pipeline and you may get surprised which one gets on the road first. Nevertheless it's not a race. It's pure passion.

Day 27

A born to be a biker will only understand how it feels when few parts are missing. 

The hunt is on.

Day 28

Horsepower is how fast you hit the ground when you crash.

Torque is how deep a hole you make.

Day 29

So the end of the month and so far my experiences with these brothers. #YJF #yezdijointfamily but it's not the end though. Many many stories to follow now.

Few things learnt from these bikers who say they are bad ass cults. Well, they can be when it's needed. But fact is they are the sweetest people on the face of this planet.

1: Brotherhood: No matter what, 100% assured that they will never hurt me and also will never leave that person who will ever hurt me. 

2: Family: Respect and love and make me feel like I'm in a family and not just another casual motorcycle gang.

3: Passion: These are one of the people in my life due to which I was able to follow my passion and also make it as my full time profession now. 

4: Never Give Up: This attitude of Never Give Up? These brothers are live examples of it. One has ridden solo - cross country, one followed his bike and brought it back home after years which was drowned in the floods and many more such stories.

It's a leap year day which means it will take me four years to praise about them again on the same day. This is enough now. Don't wanna make them feel so proud... Hahahaha! But I am... 

And for these stories if you wanna know in details. You'll have to be patient and follow me on Instagram as @eyebehindlens , Facebook as Ankit Kadle and WordPress as eyebehindlens again.

This is @eyebehindlens signing off from Fabulous February Bikers

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